Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Heritage, My Mirror

Work of Art by: Pablo Picasso later work 1932, "Girl Befor A Mirror"

Picasso's later cubist works introduce more color and pattern than his experimental earlier period. During this time Picasso and Matisse were perhaps influencing each other in their works. The two artists are described as having "a friendly rivalry".

As Fall Enters into my conscience
I find my memories reverting to days gone by
Happy Moments, Familiar Faces, and Open Places
The Sun is on the horizon, leaves are turning
The chill of the breeze touches my face
And I know I'm Home Again

Home to the days we held hands and you smiled as I shined
Daddy's little girl, Proud Papa
Those were the days I knew you loved me
Sitting on Grandma's lap your heart beamed
My heritage all in one room, admiration began

note to self: It's great to recall the good times being Daddy's Little Girl
note to reader: I started this poem of sorts but lack the courage to develop it at this time


  1. love the poem.. and love the art.. i saw it for the first time in lit class last year.. and i fell in love with this. :-)

  2. Thank you Little Mama! I just love this Picasso and it's one of my favorites.....I love this period! Have a Great day beautiful!


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