Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Peacock Turns and The Lion Roars

The Illusion is physical
The appearance transparent
The life of a 16 year old lived
Over and Over Again
To Die to Oneself
She wrote herself out of the HORROR FILM
She had written for her poor LIFE
Has actors on a STAGE
She no longer wanted to be the Leading Role
In the EPIC Novel
She was the HERO in her song
Childhood Innocence no more
She was bad to the bone
ROCKED to the core
Polar Opposites
Grey Matter difficult to fathom
Her Past
She has No Control
Nor does she want ANY CONTROL
The broken hearted
The pacemaker to her HEART
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sweet precious Mother's Milk
Drink, Drink, Drink
The Peacock glances back at her colors of SPLENDOR
And Steps into the Journey of the Creative Mind
The Lion Roars
The Peaceful Sun Shines
A new Creation

Painting By Thad Morgan

Saturday, March 19, 2011

United In Holy Matrimony

The Union of Two Souls
The Beauty of Where I am
To become one with my Soul Mate
The Love of My Life
Joined by the One above
United in Holy Matrimony
Forever to Serve and Love all the days of my life

For my amazing husband who has pulled me out of the pit of despair, never again
to be ashamed or less than worthy, never having to prove my love, to share, serve and
cherish one another

I'm the Princess in my fairytale, the one fairy tale you have never read to be written by
the "Peaceful Sun"

Note to husband: You are the Strong Tree with deep roots that is planted in my Secret Garden
and I'm the Peaceful Sun that Lights up our day.....I love you Strong Tree

Friday, March 18, 2011

Awaken To Reality

My prayers have all been answered
Sometimes when you plow down a field
You are running parallel to the Journey that was created just for you
I feel inspired, Alive, Free, and At Peace
With Who I truly Am
Accepting who I am has been quite a challenge
But Today, I love the me that I see
The plastic facade no longer exists
Would I like to see that beautiful teenage girl
That I was when I was 17? Yes I would
I would tell her to follow her dreams, Be who she is
You don't need to be the HERO
You don't have to be the girl that YOU THINK everyone
wants you to be
ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, never set limits and

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Inside this heart
My soul runs in cricles
I can no longer run
No longer can I hide
Inside of me and inside of who is there
Eyes for a future
Leading me to the gates of my heaven
Country Girl
Farm Boy
Writer, Poet, Author, Playwright, Singer of the Angelic

Tiny Dancer hidden within

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Red Handed Mind


I think entirely too much! My brain is in overdrive
Through Out the Day
STOP Brain, You are here among the living
Not dead or trying to get to some
HOLISTICK place, You are good enough
I see the beauty all around me
My eyes are wide open
No longer shut to the PAST
Karin, writer, poet, artist, and playwright
New land to discover
More to be known
A lone WOLF no more

Note to self: GOD IS AWESOME

Friday, March 11, 2011

Today = Hello Life

Hello LIFE how are you my dear friend?
Today I feel more alive than ever
Woke up to a Hot Cup of Joe from the hubby
Daughter getting off to school asking me to take
Care of her little baby, Elizabeth
Speaking of Elizabeth I miss my dear friend Elizabeth

Today is going to be a great day
I'm exactly where I need to be
God is so awesome!

note to self: The Canvas is not empty the paints are appearing

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