Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Thank you Lord for all the blessing in my life. I have a wonderful family, an amazing husband and two beautiful girls. I've recovered from a year of neck and arm pain and I'm now working on my health.

Lord you are always faithful!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Children Need Our Time (2nd day of Committment)

Today, I took the opportunity to Be a KID with my wonderful KID, Chloe Marie. First we bought one of those outdoor kiddy pools that she basically could sit in and jump in a little. She had a ball as I watched her swishing around and making bold expression, "Look at me Mom, I'm splashing around and I can hold the water hose to fill the pool back up." I wanted to have front row seats to this amazing show, so I brought my lounge chair and set up camp. It's amazing how little attention our children really need, but we find it so difficult to give even 10 minutes. After our pool event we hit the showers in order to prepare for our next event of the day.

I made sure the Wardrobe and makeup were ready for OUR STAR of the day. This Star prefers doing her own hair and makeup because she likes it just so. First there was the girl with flowers in her hair, the Queen, the Hawaiian Hula Girl, and the Rock star. I shot at least 100 pictures of my little Star and afterwards I made a movie which I'm still trying to add music to. She had such an awesome day and when we laid down tonight to say our prayers she said. "Mommy I had the best day, can we do that again?" Yes, I had more than 10 minutes with my Chloe but WOW, what a great day!

note to self: even if my journal isn't read it feels so GREAT to write
I'm proud of myself; I've made it to the 2nd day.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Creative Thinking


We all started out creatively free. Remember the sandbox? All you needed was warm toes in bare sand, and maybe a good bucket. Then you could build your own world!

"In school things changed the chairs were all in rows and your trees were to be colored green instead of purple. If you lived in a world of purple trees you probably learned how to hide it. I remember my sky was always pink and my trees were just about any color I could imagine. I remember in school asking the teacher if I had to sit in a chair in the classroom, why couldn't I sit on the floor? Well, she basically told me this is how it was done in school. I began to hide my creative thinking at this point in my life." Taken from SARK

"Why do things have to be a certain way? Why can't we make up our own rules? Why can't my trees be purple or orange?" I've been known to think out of the box on more than one occasion, that is what makes life fun! Creative Thinking is what makes my mind free and I have found through SARK how I can use my Creative Thinking to work out tragic events and obstacles that have come my way.

What inspires you? Music, Art, Scenery, Poetry? Do tell what is inspires you?

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