Monday, May 16, 2011

Writer Inspired by Artist: Note to self: Learn how to paint

            Journey of A Creative Mind

   A very talented fellow I met on Yahoo 360 while blogging posted this beautiful painting.on his page.When I first saw this  painting it stirred up so many emotions inside me, it inspired me tremedously. I see a woman peaceful and serene at the same time naked an unihibited. I wish you could see the wonderful strokes and the true painting, it would not upload. When I saw this painting I sort of owned it as if it was speaking to my inner soul and knew me so well. When I write a Poem or a "Mind Blast" I find a painting that inspires and compliments my thought process while creating and writing the piece. 

The Artist: Vinod Laxman:
Link to Vinod's Gallery:

                                                     Journey Of A Creative Mind
                                                        by: Karina D'Aunoy

To the depths of my inner being
I  search for my peace
I cry to the heavens
The answers I yearned for daily
Solitary in thought
Pondering my destiny
Shackled by disbelief
I know deliverance is near
My lifeless body sinked to the bottom of the ocean
There is current a force taking me now
Lifting Me to the Sunrise
The True Journey as only begun
Open your eyes, Beauty is surrounding me
Out of the darkness into the Peaceful Sun

~Karina D'Aunoy

Note to Artists: Thank you for having the courage to put yourself on the canvas and allowing others to explore your work. My Eyes Are Wide Open

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