Friday, October 29, 2010

Concentrated Pain


Concentrated Pain
Naked and stripped vanity
A soul without refuge
Agony of Defeat
Wounded heart
Impure and unforgotten
Bruised by Destruction
Aware of the Morbid Truth
Afflicted by imperfection
Angered by Lies  
Eternal Dreams of Beauty
Abundant Powers
Of Spiritual existence
Save my Soul

- Copyright © 2007 Karin A. D’Aunoy

Note to self: Ok I've got a book inside me somewhere, I want to write out loud once again!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Our Father Who Art In Heaven

Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Hallowed be Thy name
Thy Kingdom Come
Thy Will Be Done
As It Is In Heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass
Against Us
And Lead us not into temptation

Monday, October 18, 2010

And they rode off into the sunset.......

And they rode off into the sunset to start thier life together and were free to come by if they chose
Creating, Loving, and Living forever in HEAVEN


The Princess Bride

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Gift of Self Expression

   As a child I knew that I had a gift but I really wasn't sure what it was at that time. I do know now  exactly what it is,  (well, let's see the (old me) would tell you what I would like you to see me as) the GIFT OF SELF EXPRESSION, through writing, poetry, painting, and creating.

  Now it's all out there, ok here goes the commitment........I'm starting my Creative Writing Classes tomorrow. God has given me so many special gifts and I yearn to share them with others so that they can experience the Safety and Security of the Love of God as I have. One could say I have so much to say but I admit I lack the structure to complete my work at times. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS - I guess it's sort of like my BRAIN works in overtime and I think too much. My husband and I talked about making some "UNTHINKING" Caps before we were married and I haven't gotten around to do that as of yet....(ok ad to list).

Note to self: Be easy on yourself, be kind, take time to relax and remind myself I'm not dying tomorrow
"Paper is more patient than man".

Admission for the day: I really have a hard time spelling and I prefer for someone else to edit my thoughts at times (written word)

Great link for learning about self discovery through art therapy, we have an excellent Art Therapist here in town let me know if you would like her name

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fairytale Storybook

Since the seasons are changing the emotions are roaring inside of me and my thoughts drift back to my mother quite often at this time of the year. She would be 74 years old if she would be alive today and my father died only 3 months ago. I'm only 42 years old and both of my parents are six feet under, their bodies that is. I experienced brief moments of loss today realizing I no longer have my mother or my father in my life, but then I look over at my amazing husband and my two girls and the world is as it should be. When I think of my mother, I think of a world full of color and excitement. I guess I prefer to think of her HEAVEN as a Colorful Storybook Fairytale and the picture you see here would be the cover of that book. As I'm writing this down I'm thinking what a great idea to give the girls, a Fairy Tale Book about their grandmother that I made, I think to myself, ok an inspiration to write a book (at least a handmade book)  for her two beautiful grandchildren. 

  My Mother had a wonderful spirit of Intense Excitement. She inspired and motivated me in so many ways. I feel inspired today! Thank You MOM for all you did and are still doing for me and my life. 
 Life is BEAUTIFUL, thank you for always believing in me, YOU ARE THE BEST MOTHER ANYONE COULD EVER HAVE. 

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