Monday, October 24, 2011

Passion, Art, Interpretation - Chagall

As a young child I was always fascinated by art, it moved my spirit and rocked my soul. When I see a painting that I can relate to I feel like the painter knows a part of my soul. I have often asked my friends who are artists if I could use their work to describe my poetry or writing. When I first started writing I needed a visual to go along with my emotion of the written word. I found that if I had a painting to describe the way I felt it would become a complete piece. I was first introduced to Marc Chagall, Russian born "Magical Realism" painter by an old boyfriend who fell in love with his work. Chagall was said to have painted from his dreams. He was a man surrounded by many poets and artists in his time

"Chagall – Masterpieces 1908-1922 takes as its theme the most significant and permanently telling years of this great painter. It is Chagall's early work that most deeply affected artists and public: the stories from the Shtetl, the magical-rhapsodic world of Mother Russia, captured in thrillingly expressive painting that casts a spell over his contemporaries and their descendants alike."
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I'm not going to write the titles of his works of art, you tell me what the title should be. What do you see in this work of art?
What does the movement and the colors say about this artists? Even if you think it's terrible I would love to read it what you have to say.

I would love to learn more about other artists, who's your favorite painter, sculptor, designer?

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