Thursday, November 4, 2010


Alas, I abandon the desires of the heart
Passion and Love have no place in this desolate heart
Ravage my inner soul and take my breathe
The Void within in my soul will not go unredeemed
I cling to this sorrow but believe
My duration of pity will banish from my being
Awake all the while to the fascination of True Love
Breathe! Endure this affliction I will
Alas, I have spoken my revelation
Breathe! The torment is fleeting from my conscience

            - Copyright © 2007 Karin A. D’Aunoy

Photo taken from website: Joanne Castelli Castor painting

The Painter of Your Dreams

Time has taken me to this sanctuary
Morbid truth, precious memories set adrift
A Multitude of dreams find me here
Knowing the path He has laid before me
The garden of creation bids my welcome
The entrance to a paragon of pure love
The fountain of splendor captivates my heart
Freedom to move, freedom to love forever
The union of two souls, an ordained covenant 
Come fly with me, the painter of your dreams...

  - Copyright © 2007 Karin A. D’Aunoy

Empty Chairs

He contemplates his future sitting in a room full of empty chairs. His thoughts travel through the many years of tormented struggle within his being..........

*The beginning to a short story for my Creative Writing Group.

note to self: Take a picture and paint a story around it

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