Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Resurrected, Alive, and Living





Awaken to the war that you mapped out and strategically placed bridges
The JOY that surrounds this once martyr that lived in darkness
The Soul was destined for LOVE
Looking back living once in a world of tragedy became second nature
The reality of LOVE and the affect he has within your core
People, places, and times connected and joined by one another
Replayed faces and feelings that churn the broken spirit
Lifting the LIGHT all around me
Not without pain and mourning but Death becomes LIFE
The life He always wanted me to LIVE
Don't run from prejudice, fighting for HUMAN equality
Random thoughts encase the mind but I know the MIND was conditioned
The True Spirit of our SOUL was never taken from us
We surrendered to the darkness and we had to find the LIGHT
Enter into the purpose of life and the LOVE we never lost
The souls and hearts that have surrounded me all of my life
HERE I am....Right HERE.....Standing Firm Lord
I have the SWORD and I'm in full attire to testify
I am in your Creation and a part of You living in me The Trinity awakens
My slumber in the darkness
ALIVE, pulse, heartbeat, soul, and Light shinning so brightly
The body that I reside in your Holy Temple
You sent me angels, prophets, preachers, and World Prayer
Welcome to My Life, The evil one knows he can't win, for my Heart was always yours
My safe haven, the boat will not sink, the tide will not give rise to the passengers
The sea is parted by your LIFE, your resurrection, and your Infinite Love
Thank you God
I love you

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