Monday, August 24, 2015

Epic Novel

When the rain falls and your left with the disguise  
Spawned from the original formation  
The epic novel of the life that once was tainted  
Viewed for all the world to see, historic pain of the darkness  
Abstract in nature and simplicity in mind  the story went
Shielded from Suicide this holy one, imagining herself a Virgin
To Love Freely and Be Loved for her Humanness
To live without boundaries and travel to distance lands bringing Love and Peace
The Past Life of Suffering apparent only by the pages, The Bird Free To FLY
Petition this court to acknowledge the wreckage and bid me farewell 
Your LOVE has been a  life source to my soul and Peace the Sun in my Skies
Anchored in the native land exploring the adventures of new love
My captain is waiting for his first mate to sail the seas and explore the Lands

   ~KA D'Aunoy copyright @2015

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